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DDRC has a variety of volunteer programs that you can get involved in. Cultivate your own personal practice and support the practice of others.

  1. Short-term Volunteer:

    Engage in our daily practice based on the Chan monastic routine. Schedule includes morning and evening sitting meditation and chanting, group meals, mindful work practice, group Dharma study, and personal guidance from the resident monastics. Volunteer for a day, a weekend, or up to 3 weeks.

    First-time volunteers are requested to limit their stay to 4 days at most, to see if they are able to adapt to the lifestyle of practice. Extension of stay would require further evaluation by the volunteer mentor and residents.

    Application Form

  2. Retreat Volunteer:
    Support other practitioners while learning Chan meditation in a retreat setting. Serve as head cook, cook's assistant, Chan Hall assistant, or outside support team member. In addition to mindful work practice, retreat volunteers participate in Chan Hall group practice in the early mornings and evenings, attend the Dharma talks, and may have interviews with the teachers. Volunteer for the length of a retreat.

    Application Form

  3. Life-practice Program:
    Clarify your mind by simplifying your lifestyle and disciplining yourself, with the support of Chan teachers and community. Take on a role to support the daily operations, such as chef, kitchen assistant, housekeeper, maintenance assistant, or clerical assistant. Deepen your personal practice while offering yourself to the service of others. Volunteer for an extended period of time, from 1 to 3 months per term, engaging in the life of practice.

    Requires previous experience volunteering for a weekend at DDRC. Application Form

  4. Long-term Volunteer:
    The Long-term Volunteer program is available for those who are seriously dedicated to the practice, wish to contribute their lives to the sharing of Chan Buddhism, and who may also be contemplating entering into the monastic life. Volunteer for a minimum 1-year term.

    Participation by invitation only

    Requires previous experience in the Life-practice Program

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