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Hemera Contemplative Fellowships - Financial Aid for Retreats

The Hemera Foundation supports innovative organizations and initiatives that foster basic human goodness in individuals and society. The Hemera Contemplative Fellowship programs were created to make the unique benefits of contemplative practice in a retreat context more widely available.

The fellowships are intended to encourage less-experienced meditators to attend a retreat for the first time, as well as extending support to experienced retreatants. Hemera support can be available for residential meditation retreats of any length up to a month.


Hemera offers three types of fellowships:

Hemera Contemplative Fellowships for Educators (CFE)

Available to anyone working in a school - not just teachers. To be eligible, applicants must be actively employed in a pre-K through 12 school or currently enrolled in a Master's Degree program in Education.

Hemera Contemplative Fellowships for Health Care Professionals (CFHP)

Applicants must meet these requirements:

  • working full-time in a health care field
  • working directly with clients or overseeing other healthcare professionals

Hemera Contemplative Fellowships for Artists (TSF)

Available for full-time artists with a sincere desire for the experiences of extended meditation practice to inform and influence their creative expression in the world. Qualified applicants will be full-time artists - visual, performing artists, writers, and multi-disciplinary artists - whose professions directly relate to their artmaking practice.

Level of Support

You may apply for one fellowship per year. The level of support varies based on retreat experience level, past fellowship support, and need:

  • 100% funding for anyone new to retreat practice (no more than a prior weekend retreat).
  • 50% plus additional need-based funding, for anyone with prior retreat experience.

How to Apply

Participants must first apply to our retreat, and be accepted, before applying for a Hemera fellowship.

Next, visit the Hemera Slideroom site and submit your Hemera Fellowship application:

Note that there will be a $5.00 application fee.

Be sure to select Dharma Drum Retreat Center on your Hemera application.

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