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Listed below are a few websites of the Dharma Drum Mountain family. Only organizations with an English website are listed. For a more exhaustive listing of Dharma Drum Mountain's local chapters and affiliates around the world, please visit http://www.dharmadrum.org/


Chan Meditation Center - http://www.chancenter.org/
Sister organization of Dharma Drum Retreat Center, located in Elmhurst, New York. The website contains schedule of activities of the Center and a treasure trove of articles transcribed and edited from Master Sheng Yen's teachings.

Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association - http://www.ddmba.org/
Sister organization of Dharma Drum Retreat Center. Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association has 22 local chapters throughout the USA. A listing of these local chapters, including address and contact information, can be found on this website.

Riverside Chan Meditation Group - http://www.riversidechan.org/
Founded by Gilbert Gutierrez, a Dharma heir of Master Sheng Yen. The group offers weekly classes of Dharma and meditation teachings.

Tallahassee Chan Group - http://www.tallahasseechan.com/
Founded by Guo Gu, Master Sheng Yen's close disciple. The TCG offers regular weekly meditation practices, retreats, workshops, and Dharma teachings. For more info: tallahassee.chan@gmail.com


Dharma Drum Mountain Victoria and New South Wales Centers - http://www.ddm.org.au/


Dharma Drum Mountain (Ontario) Buddhist Association (short name DDMBA Ontario) http://www.ddmbaontario.org/


Dharmaloka - http://www.dharmaloka.org/
A Buddhist community in Croatia founded by Žarko Andricevic, a Dharma heir of Master Sheng Yen. The Center has the mission to present the basics of mainstream Buddhism and to introduce interested persons into the specific practice of Chan.


Chan Centre in Bern - http://www.chan-bern.ch
Established 2007, the Chan Centre offers introductory and Chan meditation retreats, led by invited teachers such as Žarko Andricevic, a Dharma heir of Master Sheng Yen, and Hildi Thalmann.

Science Medicine Buddhism - http://www.chan.ch/chan_english_home.htm
Website of Dr. Max Kalin, a Dharma heir of Master Sheng Yen.


Dharma Drum Mountain -
Main English-language website for the Dharma Drum Mountain organization.

Chung Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies -
A Buddhist education and research institute founded by Chan Master Sheng Yen.

Dharma Drum Buddhist College - http://www.ddbc.edu.tw/zh/index.php?lang=en
Located at the Dharma Drum Mountain World Center for Buddhist Education, Dharma Drum Buddhist College is the first ever institute of Buddhist study and practice in Taiwan to offer a Master's in Religious Studies program accredited by the Taiwanese Ministry of Education.

Dharma Drum Mountain World Center for Buddhist Education - http://www.dharmadrum.org/wcbe/
Headquarters of Master Sheng Yen's Dharma organizations. The website, available in Chinese, English, and Spanish, contains news of recent events, schedule of activities, information about local and international chapters

Sangha University - http://sanghau.ddm.org.tw/en/AboutUs/Mission.aspx
The University focuses on training monastics to specialize in administrative, educational and academic fields.

Sheng Yen Education Foundation - http://www.shengyen.org.tw/eng/
The mission of the foundation is to promote educational endeavors that help people engage in spiritual practice and create a better society based on Master Sheng Yen's vision of "uplifting the character of humanity and building a pure land on earth."

United Kingdom

Western Chan Fellowship - http://www.westernchanfellowship.org/
Founded by Dr. John Crook, a Dharma heir of Master Sheng Yen.  WCF runs a retreat center in Maenllwyd, Wales and has affiliates throughout the United Kingdom.

Chan Meditation London - http://www.chanmeditationlondon.org
Founded in August 2010 to promote the teaching of traditional Chinese Mahayana Buddhism in general and Chinese Chan in particular.

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